"The Legend of Marukoa"

A Polynesian legend written by Tumata Robinson for the Heiva i Tahiti 2011 and performed with just over 200 artists. 

Tahiti Ora entered the Heiva I Tahiti 2011 contest with this Legend in the Hura Tau category (Professional) winning the 1st over all prize, the best female dancer (Moena Maiotui), the best male leader Ra'atira (Victor Teriitahi), the 1st prize for fresh costumes (Freddy Fagu),  the 1st prize for Song Lyrics (John Mairai), and the 2nd best prize for Orchestra/Drumming.


The legend tells the story of a far away Island, lost in the Pacific, the Island of Marukoa. There lived a mysterious tribe of exceptional men and women led by Teriitane and his brother Tavi. 

It was said that these men warriors were incredibly well built and extremely powerful, that they were at ease on land as well as at sea and that they could even spend long moments underwater without breathing. 

It was said that the women were highly beautiful with long dark hair that rippled down their honey colored skin. 

On the dark Island of Mukai lived the ferocious King Te Mato who’d gone blind. His witch doctor dreams of a green-eyed beauty who he claims can restore the King’s eyesight – if sacrificed to their Gods. The ensuing war between the islands of Marukoa and Mukai was replicated on stage with "drama worthy of an opéra or ballet" by Ian Lloyd Neubauer for Time Magazine.

"Hiva - The Epic Polynesian Voyages"

Our first show (released in 2007), HIVA is a voyage of discovery over nearly two millennia of Polynesian History, since the time our islands were first discovered by the very first Polynesians until today where dancing has reached its virtuosity. More than thirty thousand years ago, populations coming from South East Asia colonized gradually the great Pacific Ocean.

Voyaging over 5000 km to the west against strong winds on board of their double hulled canoes these courageous people passed through the darkness of the unknown to emerge where the sun shone on a group of volcanic islands which they hailed as a world of light.

A stage performance of 28 scenes with over 600 pieces of hand crafted costumes retrace this historical epic journey of our Polynesian ancestors : Heros, Sailors, Adventurers, and above all, men and women with a common goal and dream.

A show that starts with the arrival of the first Polynesians in Fatu Hiva (Marquesas Islands) and going over time as they expanded to other islands : Hawaii, Rapa Nui (Easter Islands), Tuamotu islands and Tahiti. Hiva retraces important periods in Tahitian history: the arrival of the first European sailors and Missionaries – a time when Tahitian dancing, indigenous beliefs and language were to be banned for decades, the secretive Mamaia movement, until its renaissance in the late 1950’s.